Pajama Game

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Marc Jacobs F2013RTW and Louis Vitton F2013RTW

One of the biggest trends of the runway this year was the return of sleepwear as anytime wear. When Marc Jacobs sent his models down the runway for his Marc Jacobs collection and Louis Vuitton collection he sent them down in what can only be described as a parade of negligees and button downs pajamas. The models for the shows came down the runway in wet, dark, disheveled, cropped hair on their lack luster skin, with pouts of burgundy and natural lip.

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_MOS0274_450x675        021610-Barbra-Streisand-200


Left to Right: Stella McCartney F2013RTW, Missoni F2013RTW, Moschino Cheap and Chic F2013RTW, Barbra Strisand in 1969, Kurt Cobain with Courtney Love on their wedding day in 1992.

Jacobs of course isn’t the only one doing this. Other labels such as Mochino Cheap and Chic, Stella McCartney, and Missoni are also featuring at least one piece of sleepwear in their collections. The look is timeless and has been done by everyone, from Barbra Streisand to Kurt Cobain. Jacobs take on the look is influenced by a mix of grunge and Parisian nightwear flare.

  "PUNK: Chaos To Couture" Costume Institute Gala

Sofia Coppola in Marc Jacobs in F2013RTW, with Marc Jacobs.

The pajama look is easy and can be either dressed up or dressed down depending on the occasion which is a perfect blend of couture and casual. When Sophia Coppola (Marc Jacobs friend and muse) went to the Met’s costume gala in May she perfectly executed this look by finding the balance between comfortable and classy.

But if you’re not as brave as Sophia or others who have pulled off the look, fear not! There are ways to do this trend by mixing up your daywear with your pajamas. One way of doing this is by wearing a pajama top with a pair of nice fitting skinny jeans or a skirt. Another way of doing this look is to wear a nice pullover cardigan with a pair of pajama bottoms. To add extra flare to your nightwear, you can wear something classy like a good pair of black heels or pearls with a bold lipstick.

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