Spring Fashion Trends

It’s spring again which means it time to get rid of those heavy, dark clothes and break into something fresh. This spring is all about going monochromatic. When Marc Jacobs debut his Louis Vuitton collection back in the fall, it was all about black and white squares that have been copied  in almost every store. Another hot trend for fashion right now is pearls. For his 2013 Spring collection, Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld told Vogue that instead of the classic emblems of Chanel everything should be about pearls “no chain, no braid, no plastic Chanel buttons, only pearls, pearls, pearls,”.

Picture 7

Picture 5  Picture 3

Another hot trend this season is Bowie. With a recent album release, and exhibition in London, it seems that bowie is everywhere. Jean Paul Gaultier even paid homage to the rocker for his spring collection when he had models walk down the runway in very Ziggy Stardust like attire. Being David Bowie doesn’t just mean dying your hair red and wearing cooky clothes, but rather being experimental with fashion and breaking the rules. Another  classic bowie idea is Androgyny.


Picture 6

I personally love androgyny, though some might find it too intimidating or risky to pull off. I was once in that camp myself until I saw Woody Allen’s Annie Hall. Diane Keaton’s iconic character was a follower of the school of bowie and practiced the act of gender bending by dressing in men’s attire. When the movie first premiered in 1977 audiences were wowed by Ms. Hall’s sense of unique style that came from non other then Diane Keaton herself. Her look was effortless easy, fun and feminine. The look is so iconic that it was included on Vanity Fair’s top twenty-five fashion films.


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